Limited drop

Stephanie Paulis limited edition
Prêt-à-porter containing a couture feeling

A limited drop in which I developed 
the edgy and elegant side of tweed in five timeless pieces. The high-waisted mini skirt, classic high-waisted pencil skirt, voluminous gilet, top with a subtle voluminous look and elegant fitted dress are an eye-catching addition to her regular. The two types of tweeds and strong design language give the collection a powerful look that is timeless.  

The inspiration for this limited collection with a couture feel was found in Paris. 
In an atmospheric showroom in the French capital, Stephanie secretes a strong connection with a range of tweed fabrics. That the fabrics are from a French weaving mill, which collaborates with Haute Couture fashion houses, enhanced the resonance.

Tweed is timeless and classic, but above all, full of character. Over the centuries, the fabric evolved, traveling from the Scottish hunting grounds to Chanel's studios.

The elegant lines subtly accentuate the feminine silhouette and underline your inner strength. Items that embrace and enhance your true self. From a fitted dress that celebrates your natural curves to a bulky top that feels like
daily armor without being too extravagant.