The brand

The brand

Stephanie Paulis is a Dutch high end clothing brand that represents a purposeful approach to dressing up. In a time where the industry is built around the boundless consumption of clothes, we celebrate and embrace values ​​where more light can and should be shed on.
Born in Italy, the brand is breathing the beauty of the past, the pleasure of togetherness, the skill of handwork and the emotion of wear...

We see beauty anywhere and everywhere and bring this to life through our garments. We embedded our love for aesthetics and ethics in our timeless but modern product offer and our choice to become an on demand brand. We invite you to come to a stand still and experience beauty in all ways and forms. 

Our day to night collections are characterized by modern minimalism and timeless elegance, focussing on quality fabrics, manufactured by Italian and French family companies with a long heritage and embedded love for craftsmanship. 

The collections are characterized by relaxed but dressed silhouettes that give you that effortless elegant look in an instant. Strong yet soft. The pieces can be loved and worn in multiple ways for many seasons to come.

Redefine the essentials in life.  

Born in Milan, made in Amsterdam